What goes in that tube REALLY matters!

Saturday morning my doorbell rang.  My daughter peered through the window and said it was a florist with a delivery—talk about a surprise—I definitely was not expecting any flowers, and thought that maybe the florist had come to the wrong address.  But when I opened the door, he asked if I was Diane, and when I said I was, he handed me a beautiful bouquet.

When I looked at the card accompanying the arrangement, I  learned that they were from a gentleman who I’d met a couple of weeks earlier when he and his girlfriend came over to the house.

‘M’ is a fellow tube feeder who lives relatively nearby.  He’d originally connected with me through the contact form on TubeChic.  He was interested in learning more about the AMT button I have, and how it compares to the Mic-Key, which he uses.  When I found out how close he was to me, I asked him if he could make use of several cases of Liquid Hope that I wanted to give away.

I love the idea of Liquid Hope, and was very fortunate to be gifted some a while back.  But, sadly my histamine intolerance was aggravated by the high content of chickpeas in it, and I’d been unable to use it.   I’d been planning to put a notice on the announcement page, with the intent to give it to someone local, but just had not done it yet.

So, as it turned out, yes, he was very open to trying the Liquid Hope.  Although he and Kathy both blended some of his meals, he also used TwoCal formula.

When they came over, we had such a good visit.  What an interesting guy!  I was amazed to learn that even after all the battles he has had (and won!) with cancer, he still not only works, but teaches long distance kayaking, and is active, and quite well known in the kayaking community.  (I’ve pretty much pleaded with him to write a guest post for TubeChic on this topic.  I mean, wow!  a tubie and a kayaking instructor!)

Anyway, back to our visit, and why I got flowers …

One of the problems he regularly dealt with was acid reflux and coughing.  We talked about it a bit that day, but this is not something I’ve experienced, and, looking back, I don’t think I even grasped how much of an issue this was for him.

Kathy and I really hit it off too, and time got away from us , but we finally said our goodbyes and they left with the cases of Liquid Hope in tow. I figured I’d hear back from him, but what with this being such a busy time of year, did not expect it to be right away.

Then the florist arrived with the flowers.

I sent him an email to thank him, and this is what he wrote back:

“d, you were probably wondering where I was after you gave me all the Liquid Hope.​ I was waiting for my doctor to get the order to the  provider, still waiting for an answer, to share with you. Anyway starting with that Saturday I have eaten the Liquid Hope, other real meals and since then I have had no acid reflux or coughing. What a way to live!

  So, thanks you d for what we shared, m”

This just reinforces what I already know to be so true.  Food is fuel.  It matters.  It doesn’t so much matter if we get our food orally or via a tube.  Why is it that when someone has a serious enough condition to warrant a feeding tube, are they almost inevitably written a prescription for commercial formula?  What is wrong with our healthcare system (worldwide!)?

Those of you who read TubeChic regularly know I use a high speed blender to make my meals.  I also use Kate Farms,  Orgain liquid replacement meals,  Enū, and occasionally Real Food Blends.   I would LOVE to see medical insurance companies offer the option of  covering the cost of a blender to tube feeders rather than helping line the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies who churn out various iterations of corn and/or soy maltodextrin  laden formula.

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