Tube management belt for the Danglers out there.


I was thrilled to find an Etsy shop that makes tube belts for Adults.

Although there are probably some other shops on Etsy that cater to children, but would be willing to take on a custom order, this is the first time I’ve found anything for adult tube feeders other than the not so great ones sold by medical supply companies.

Jean (the Etsy shop owner) is a busy lady, and is active with sewing other items for nursing homes and needy children.  I am so happy she has added adult tube fed adults to the list of whom she makes tube feeding belts for.

The name of her shop is Jean’s Sunshine Shop

Here’s is a link:


Here are a few screen captures of her work:




Now, what would you rather wear, the ones shown above, or these?…










She takes custom orders, so the men out there who are interested need not fear they will get stuck with wearing flowery fabric 🙂

I am not affiliated with her or her shop.


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