Tube Chic is Moving to Facebook

The following photos  are from one the posts I’ve made over the years.  I remember when I made that post, that I was trying to emphasize that just because we may not consume our food orally, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life’s little pleasures.  The humorous part (to me) was that I was also working on a future post at that same time, featuring a new nutritious recipe book by Penny Werner.  In my mind, I was thinking about all the effort she’d put into creating balanced tube meals, and here I was posting about tubing cookies!


… Fast forward to present day…

Life has been hectic, and I’ve not been able to post regularly for some time now.

After giving this much thought, the decision has been made to transfer the information archive found here into a Tube Chic Facebook page.

The page will be public, you will not need to have a Facebook account to read it.  I don’t believe you will need a Facebook account to message me (but I’m not certain about this).

It will still be automatically translated into the language you normally read it in.

Tube Chic has been a labor of love for me, and I want what I’ve shared to endure, hence the Facebook page.

This is not to say that Tube Chic will not carry on with new added content in its new home on Facebook, just that  I don’t have anything planned as yet (it is enough trying to get all the information transferred over!)

The Tube Chic website will no longer be available after October 17, 2018.  Right now there is limited content on the Facebook page (and nothing new as yet posted there – I’m still constructing the page).

Thanks to each and every one of you who have contacted me and participated through the years.  I’ve made some great friendships, and I’m sure I’ll miss many aspects of blogging.  There is something truly unique in the ability to reach people from almost every single country on this planet, and it has been a privilege to do so.

It was interesting to me to see what drew the most attention.  Some of the most popular posts were on altering clothing to be tube accessible, on how to get rid of that horrible plague of overgranulation tissue, and comparisons of low profile “button” type feeding tubes.

I believe my two biggest successes were discovering how to get rid of overgranulation tissue, and the use of the FIFO bottle to gravity fed meals.  I never ever syringe meals now!    There is one syringe in my current routine for an herbal supplement that makes for clogs when I add it into anything an attempt to gravity feed it.  But, any and every meal goes into a bottle.  One pour and done!

Regardless of what the topic of posts and reviews were, know that I made my best effort to make them as interesting, informative, and easy to understand as I could.


See y’all  on Facebook!

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