Travel time!

There have been several changes going on at my place, and there has also been some travel, with another big road trip to come.  (The next one with my dear daughter, I’m so excited!)

Even though I’ve mentioned it before, I wanted to say (again)  how useful  the suction cup type holder is for my gravity feed bottles.  This is a great way to have both hands free during car trips  When I’m driving, I stick it on the driver’s side window.  When I’m the passenger, it either goes on the door window. or on the sunroof.  I dislike the idea of having it on the door, just because of the fear that I could somehow forget I’m connected, and open the door (ouch!)  but, this has never even come close to happening.I’ve also attached it to the windshield.  With a 24″ feeding extension set, there are lots of options.

The photo below shows me having a meal with the gravity feed FIFO bottle.  The suction cup holder is the type sold to use aboard boats, etc.  I got it on Amazon a few years back, and, last time I looked it was  no longer available from Amazon, but I’m sure there are other sources.   At the time when I got it, I remember thinking I was paying way too much for something I didn’t really need, but, over the last couple of years I’ve found it  actually was well worth it.  The holder is stored in the center console of the jeep, when not being used.


Here is lovely Harpers Ferry WV.


Ernie Dog was having the time of his life, until a train with car after car of coal came across the bridge right  next to us! He did not like the whistle.  At. All!


Before I leave on the next trip, I hope to post directions for making a lap protector pad for travel.  I made one a while back that has come in so handy!  When I do post details as to how it is made, the post will probably be in the DIY gift series.  Here is a photo of the one I use (it has a waterproof lining).  Mr Wonderful also uses it in the car when he’s eating while behind the wheel.  Lap Protectors, not just for Tubies! haha 🙂

folded and snapped closed

Inside is terry, with a pocket for other supplies (in the photo shown, a button bib is tucked into the pocket)



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