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I greatly prefer using KAM snaps over   hook and loop closure (Velcro).  The main reason is that hook and loop can be scratchy on the skin if both sides are not aligned properly together.  I also find it tedious to machine sew little strips of velcro on.  If you want to use velcro, a tiny strip or triangle works best.  Attach so that the hard scratchy side of the loops are facing away from body when wearing pad.

KAM snaps are wonderful!  They are useful for many more projects than just making g tube pads. They are also far superior to the Babyville snaps sold at JoAnn Fabrics.

The most commonly used size of snap (size 20) has a fairly firm grip, and although I use them for other things, such as throw pillow case covers, they are not my favorite for g tube pads.  I want a lighter grip, which size 16 have, and, also, the stud part of a size 16 (that appears  as a “button” when looking at photo posted below) is slightly smaller in diameter.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, KAM snaps have a very limited supply of their size 16’s.  They are reducing inventory in preparation for a big move.  However, I can still find a plentiful supply on eBay, and most likely they can be found on Etsy as well, although I have not looked.

KAM snaps has not said whether they will start making this size again.  I went so far as to purchase some clear size 16’s from an eBay seller in the UK, as clear are even harder to find.  There is a seller in China who says they have them, and very reasonable in price, but I have not tried, not sure if really the right size, etc.  They were only selling in bulk quantities of 1,000, so, I went with the UK seller instead.

Because the tube pad example shown below is relatively thick, I had to use a “long prong” size 16 and the only long prongs I have are an  ivory color.  I am currently experimenting with painting with  “led light cure nail polish”, to see if the paint will hold up through machine wash and dry.  (I didn’t paint the example, that is the cream color the snaps actually are.)   Once I know whether or not using a gel nail polish will hold up, I will update this page.  The pads look better to me when the snap color matches or at least coordinates with the fabric.

The link below is to an Etsy shop  that has a nice selection of organic bamboo velour, which is already dyed.  I have dyed mine at home previously –most places to buy it just have the natural color–but, it was so nice to find a great color all ready to make tube pads with!  Here is a photo of a tube pad I made, using the velour for both top and underside layer.  The color purchased from them is “hot pink”  it is a little less bright than my monitor displays.  I might be tempted to call it ‘rose”  its just gorgeous.

pre-yed organic velour fabric purchased from BBfabric shop on Etsy.

pre-yed organic velour fabric purchased from BBfabric shop on Etsy.

Another shop I’ve purchased from previously, and have an order to right now is