Robert Frost said: “In three words, I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on.”

The title of this post says it all.  I know I’ve not posted lately, and it’s because of that darned “life going on thing”!  But, at least it is going on for me!  (and for you too, if you’re reading this.)

This fuzzy guy  in the photo below is one of the main reasons I’ve been MIA.  He seriously has to get a grip!  I wish I could quote Robert Frost to him, and have it make a difference!

Ernie Dog has been dealing (not well, though) with some health issues.  Neurotic, obsessive behavior, originally  brought on by pain in his hips and back, was just out of control.

Things are better again (kind of)  but “we” had a relapse earlier this week, and have  spent a lot of time panting and being miserable—and keeping Mom from getting much writing done for Tube Chic or anywhere else!

Earlier today, he went for another visit to the vet, and yet another new medication to try,  and he is finally letting me concentrate, and I’m working like a fiend on  some of what I’ve fallen behind on.

Even though today’s post does not have anything new to add on the subject of tube feeding,  I wanted to let you know about upcoming posts that are on the horizon.


First, I am super-duper excited that Penny Werner has a second recipe book being published in the near future.  I’ve been privileged to  read some of it’s content, and all I will say right now is, it will absolutely be worth your time and money to get it—if for no reason other than to read the short testimonials she has included from tubies out there; and how their lives were changed by transitioning to blended food for their tube meals.

This new book will also include 80 recipes, and the basic “how to” information anyone can benefit from when they’re first starting to blend tube food.

She hopes to have it available by the end of this September.  I will talk about it more later, once I know it has gone to the printers.


Next, Kate Farms will be introducing their Core Essential Blended Plus toward the end of September.  I will be trying it, and will write a detailed review of it here on Tube Chic.




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