The New Blendtec Mini WildSide Jar


( This is the same review as the one originally published as a post in the month of November, 2016.)

The methods I use to create blends for my meals continue to evolve over time.

When I first began the endeavor, I was focused on creating an all natural “formula” for lack of a better word.  I didn’t want to use commercial formula, and was  intent on proving a very nutritious blend was possible, that would provide equal or more calories and protein than commercial formula that was still thin enough to gravity feed.

I succeeded in doing this, but found I didn’t have the motivation to keep making it over the long haul, because it failed to hold its appeal  once I knew it could be done.

I decided that if I was going to make blended meals, those meals would be real food blends. Blends that would either hold the attraction of an enticing aroma, or be visually attractive, and have a nice aura once in my stomach.

At times it was somewhat overwhelming  making  large batches, but, as the information I could find on the internet used the large batch method, that is what I mostly did.

I understood that some people just blended up their portion of a meal the rest of the household was having, but I found it difficult to get enough calories that way.

As time passed, I began to feel like all I was doing was making tube food for myself, and I found myself relying more and more on purchased Real Food Blends.  They’re great, don’t get me wrong. But, I missed the variety of other food variations, and the out of pocket cost was more than I felt comfortable spending, in order to use them for all of my meals.

Gradually I began to explore blending up  single serve meals.   The difficulty lay having  to add  so much more liquid, or more of the food I wanted, just to cover the blades of the blender jar.  I ended up with more than I  needed to have for what was supposed to be literally just one meal. The bare minimum I was able to successfully blend in the regular  Blendtec WildSide jar was about 12 ounces, maybe less if it was something very liquidy. But, it still made most single servings I attempted end up being two cups, and often even more than that, by time it was said and done.

For example, if   everyone was having pizza, and I wanted to blend just a slice of pizza, I had  to  either add so much liquid that the blend was very thin, or blend a few slices of pizza, and liquid, and end up with  two or three  meals instead of just having a “slice”.

The whole concept of blending a meal at a time was new to me, but, I grew to love my new “fast food”.  By using a can of organic soup–sometimes low sodium, sometime not (oh well) and adding a tablespoon of an oil such as avocado, olive, or coconut oil, and using the pre-programmed soup function on my Blendtec (which warms it too!)  I was spending so much less time in the kitchen.  I wasn’t cooking all of the time, and  I was getting enough calories and a variety of foods, just like when I ate by mouth.

Loosening up on requiring everything to be complete and balanced has allowed me to enjoy time spent in other pursuits.

I still use one or more of the Real Food Blends meals daily, and continue to rely on breakfast blends that are composed of coffee with grass-fed whey protein, and a fruit or berry purée (sometimes all together as one blend, sometimes the fruit purée is served separate from the coffee and milk).

The only real snag I consistently came up against, was the limited ability to make small volume blends with my blender. I knew that Blendtec made a small twister jar, but I though this was intended for making very thick blends such as nut butters and the like.

… And then I discovered the Mini Wildside Jar.

The Mini WildSide jar is compatible with all Blendtec blender models except the Blendtec Mix n’ Blend models.

Mini WildSide is on the right ↑

The inside of the mini lid has a slicker finish than the regular WildSide, which makes it easier to rinse off (not that the other lid is at all difficult). The lid fits onto the jar very securely.  I have no concerns about walking away from the blender when its running.  Sometimes with the regular blender jar, I kind of want to stay there and hold the lid down “just in case”, but not with this one.


The  next photo shows the regular WildSide with eight ounces of juice in it.  Notice that the blades project up above the surface of the juice.


Here’s eight ounces in the mini:


This jar has made creating single serve blended meals a snap.  I have no complaints about it whatsoever.

So now, if I want to have a BLT sandwich  or a couple of chocolate chip cookies, I can, without this whole production  of having to add enough volume to blend in the regular blender jar.

Are all of these new meals ultra nutritious? Of course not, but its how I ate pre-tube, and it adds a dimension of normalcy to the way I have food now.

You can purchase the jar on Amazon here: or on the Blendtec website

At the time of me writing this, it is  20$ less on Amazon, but, it looks like Blendtec offers a monthly payment plan, which Amazon does not.