Real Food Blends now Makes Breakfast!

From time to time I’ve commented that using non “:breakfast” blends for my breakfast just does not appeal to me.

Most days since eating via the tube, my breakfast consists of  fruit purée,  a protein source (typically either Kate Farms or Orgain bottled meal) all mixed into nice (strong!) coffee.  For me, coffee is the star ingredient.  It is not optional. Ever.

Real Food Blends now has a meal that consists of eggs, apples and oats.

Ingredients list:

Apples, Whole Eggs. Water, Zucchini, Rolled Oats. Flaxseed Oil. Total calories 330.  10 g protein.

As with all of their meals, the volume equals about 8 ounces.  By weight. it is 9.4 ounches (267 g).

It is quite thick, and as I gravity feed my meals, it was important for me to know it would not take too much dilution to have it flow well.

I brought 6 ounces of water to boil in my kettle

At about half of this amount, it was clear that it was going to require all of the 6 ounces. and most likely more.

When the entire 6 ounces was whisked in, it was too thick to bolus gravity feed.  I’m sure it could be pushed with a syringe, and might work with a pump.


I added a couple more ounces of hot water. The result, even though it appears lumpy, it does not contain hard lumps. 


Thinning more beyond this amount did not make it smoother in appearance, just thinner.

This is definitely another meal option for those who use packaged blended foods.  And, it is nice to finally have a breakfast choice from Real Food Blends!


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