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The Ripple Effect

When I started Tube Chic, I knew there was a need.  I knew that more information needed to be gathered together.

I knew that there had to be better methods to bolus feed than what is standard practice.  And, I knew there was a need for adaptive clothing for women with feeding tubes, especially those who bolus feed.

So I wrote, and wrote some more.  I gradually built pages (the permanent articles found in the menu at the top of every page)  And I tried to be faithful in making posts several times each month, if not actually every single week.

Besides writing, I shared my DIY attempts with anyone interested in reading about them.

Readership has grown, and now  there are regular readers of Tube Chic all over the world.  I’ve lost track of how many countries there are at this point.

Many months back, Christina wrote to me via the contact form, and expressed her appreciation.  She said Tube Chic was helping her husband Chris and their collective learning curve in adjusting to life with a feeding tube.

Next, I heard from Chris, and we’ve all kept in touch.  He wanted to know more about how to treat the granulation tissue that persisted for him.  And, he was interested in learning how to blend meals instead of relying on the packaged formula.

I steered him to resources as best as I could to get him on the road to successful blending.  Fellow blenders on the Adult G Tube Feeding group  offered him support.

Chris wanted to use the FIFO gravity feed bottle, and that took some determination on his part too, because he’s over in Australia, and shopping links I provide on this website are not necessarily usable in Oz.

But, Chris and his lovely wife Christina didn’t give up.  And Chris is now a granulation free, blending pro, who is happily enjoying his meals  in a social setting once again, and using his FIFO bottle to make things easier.  (The chance for spills and the awkward moments that ensue when they occur in public is greatly reduced when no pouring is involved 🙂  Trust me on this )

Chris is passing what he learns along to others over on his side of the world, and it makes me feel proud to be part of the ripple effect.

A wise man once said that the test of your character is what it takes to stop you.   I am honored to have the opportunity to get to know so many of uncommon character by connecting via Tube Chic.  Time and again,  I am impressed by the spirit of those who just do not give up.

Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim. (Nora Ephron)