“Nutritional Food Blends, Special Series Volume 1”, by Penny Werner

Penny Werner has done it again!  Her latest recipe book is not only practical, but it is inspirational too.

Whether you’re looking for a ‘how to’ when it comes to the basics on blending meals for the tube, are interested in finding recipes that are nourishing, appetizing, and will blend easily for tube fed meals, or want to read first hand testimonials that describe  the dramatic improvements in health and well-being  that resulted when a switch  was made to  real foods,  this is a book you should not pass up. 

Along with 80 recipes, this edition includes truly remarkable stories from those who  have experienced astounding results after switching to a blenderized diet.

Don’t you just love the cover photos?  The people featured on it are those whose stories are  shared inside the book—real people, and their real life circumstances that improved with something as simple as using real food.

I especially like that Penny has information on nutritional needs  broken down by age as well as activity level, calorie counts, and a basic tools list.

She touches on why we need a variety of food categories in our diet.  A can of commercial formula is about as far as you’re going to get from a fresh vegetable or ripe juicy berry!  We may be already conscious of that, but we may not really realize how there is so much more to  that veggie or berry than the RDA value of a certain vitamin or mineral it contains.

Penny gives safe food preparation guidelines, and the book is arranged in a manner that makes taking the plunge into the world of a blenderized diet completely non-intimidating.

The book is broken down into menu categories:

Here is an example from the dessert section (you would know I’d pick that!)  Yes, I do have a sweet tooth, but, I’m also always on the lookout for a way to get more calories in me.  This recipe packs a walloping 590 calories:


1/4 cup blueberries

1/4 cup greek yogurt

1/8 cup organic cream cheese

1/8 cup cashews chopped fine

1 T organic almond butter

1/4 cup dates, pitted

3/4 cup organic unsweetened almond milk


Throw all the ingredients into your blender, blend on med-high 3-4 mins or until puréed.

Tip: may substitute with liquid of your choice.

… Can you do this? … Well, yes, you can!

Each and every recipe she gives is this simple.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying a blended diet, this book will arm you with the information you need to make blending a reality.

The price  for the e-book and Kindle book is  $14.99

Here is the link to Amazon to buy a physical copy: The price is $24.99.  I believe it is currently sold out, but is being reprinted.  I will update this post when I have updated information regarding this.

The book has a high quality gloss cover, and is the perfect size paperback to fit nicely anywhere you keep your cookbooks or reverence books.


If you do not have access to Amazon, or would prefer to purchase from Penny directly, you can contact her here:



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