Nifty little syringe caps



The standard 60 mL Medline syringes come with a cover cap which comes in handy, especially when transporting a filled syringe. Medline syringes wear out very quickly though, which is why so many tube feeders use  Miracle brand o-ring syringes.  But, they don’t come with a cap. And, the Medline syringe tip caps don’t fit the Miracle ones.

I no longer use the 60 mL size very often, as I use the gravity feed bottles for my meals, but I still need small syringes for meds and supplements.  I love the fact that Miracle  o-ring syringes works so well over countless uses, so I use their 10 mL and 20 mL size for this.

I noticed on the Squirrel Store  page that shows all of the various Miracle syringe sizes,  that they list caps for them too.  They have two types. One does not work for the larger syringes, but, the other type works for not only the 60 mL, but also the small sized slip tip syringes (5, 10 & 20 mL) and luer lock syringes! Yes, that’s one cap that fits all of these sizes, and syringe tip shapes.  And they fit securely too!

It seemed too good to be true, but I ordered some a few weeks back, and whoo-hoo! They are cleverly designed to fit all of them, the 5 ml slip tip all the way up to the 60 ml catheter/oral tip syringes, and luer lock.

If the Miracle syringes have managed to stay off of your radar, and you use syringes, (what tubie doesn’t?)  they are, hands down,  the best way to go.  They don’t wear out.   I don’t think I’ve ever had one start sticking and have to throw it out. For maintenance, I do wash, dry and occasionally oil the ring before storing the plunger in the syringe sheath.

The only place I know to get them is the online squirrel supply store.   (yes, for real squirrels).

Here is a link to the store,





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