New Larger Jofas Clamp!

I wrote  the Jofas  Clamp company a few weeks ago, and explained that I’m regularly using gravity feed bottles, but neither of the two bottle sizes would fit into the clamp.

I received a quick response from them.  They said they’d had other inquiries, and were working on offering a larger diameter clamp option, and asked the dimension of the bottle I’ve been using.

Then today, I  came home after a long day of doctor appointments and other not so fun stuff, and, waiting for me with the rest of the mail was a padded envelope from Jofas 🙂

Inside was the new larger clamp.

It works!  I’m so happy.

Yes, I know I still haven’t done a proper review of the Jofas Clamp, but I will do so very soon.

It is super easy to change out one clamp size for the other.  All it entails is loosening a wing nut to release the ball attachment the clip is mounted to, and re-tightening  it after the other clamp is in place–no  special tools needed other than fingers.

Here is a size comparison:



… And here it is in action

It works with the  “Clean Bottle I use for the DIY gravity feed bottle shown in the photo above,  also both sizes of the Playtex VentAire (the  wide bottle, and the discontinued by manufacturer standard version).  Photo below is the wide mouth one.



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