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If you are willing to take time to fill out a survey, this one is geared toward learning more about our interest  in using blended meals, versus commercial formula. It also gathers information concerning difficulties with insurance coverage.

With the introduction of the new ENfit connector system, it is important to be heard via any platform we can use. I say this, because  it is my understanding that the bore hole  employed by this new system makes using blended diet difficult.

Any feedback reflecting the sentiment that ENfit is a violation of one’s civil rights (being unnecessarily  restricted as to what that individual wishes to consume)  very well could make a difference, when an influential institution such as Mayo collects data.

There are two comment boxes toward the end of the survey, that would allow you to express your feelings toward possibly being forced to use ENfit.

(survey questions shown below)

  1. What change in your current blenderized tube feeding system would improve its ease of use significantly?
  2. How often does your existing feeding tube system clog?

Especially if you do blend, or would like to start blending, make a statement here!


For formula and blended diet tubies alike, the questionnaire  touches on difficulties with insurance  coverage. (see below)

  1. Have you/your loved one experienced challenges getting tube feeding supplies (syringes, tubing, feeding tube, etc.) covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid?
  2. Please explain the coverage challenges for tube feeding formulas or commercial blended foods.




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