Liquid Hope

A member of the Oley-Inspire forum sent me several cases of Liquid Hope for just the cost of shipping.  The very fact she was willing to make the offer, and go through the effort of mailing big heavy boxes out to a perfect stranger speaks volumes.  What a wonderful and generous act!

So far I like it.  It is filling/satisfying.  It has a pleasant aura once it’s in my stomach.  Due to the high percentage of chickpeas used to create Liquid Hope, and knowing that I personally have issues with histamine intolerance, it is not likely I would use this as a mainstay of my diet.  But, I still wanted to try it, and see firsthand what the consistency of it is, etc.

When I was searching for images to use for this post, I discovered that the Veterans Administration is now offering Liquid Hope!  And, that is one of the reasons I wanted to get this post up, before I actually do a full review.

If you are a formula user, and not interested in learning to blenderize real food for your meals (it’s not hard, really!)  Then take a close look at the comparison chart below, and see how Liquid Hope stacks up against several typical prescribed formulas.

Insurance coverage requirements in the US vary according to the insurer.  For those with  original Medicare Part B, here is what is required:

This is the information your doctor will need to provide to them:

  •  Progress Notes/Office Visit notes (justification for Billing code    B4149)
  • A Prescription for  Liquid Hope: Prescriptions are required on a prescription pad for Medicare patients.
  • The doctor must specify the number of calories per day, your date of birth, and the ICD-10 CODE
  • Patient Face Sheet, with Height and Weight
  •  Diagnosis List with ICD-10 codes

Unfortunately, Medicare does not accept  a Letter of Medical Necessity in lieu of the above.

You will also need a Durable Medical Equipment company in your coverage area to deliver the Liquid Hope to you, once you obtain coverage.  If you live in a state that  requires DMEs  to participate in competitive bidding, not only will you need to find a DME that contracts with Liquid Hope, but that DME also needs to have won the bid for your area.

Importantly, Medicare WILL NOT REIMBURSE YOU if you purchase on your own, and submit the bill to them. Even if you have a prescription for it–not going to happen. It MUST come through a durable medical equipment company approved to service the area you live.

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