Tube Chic has a main menu across the top of every page.  Under those menu heading tabs are permanent articles which are technically called pages.

Past posts are not found in the top menu, but on the sidebar of every page.

Why this distinction matters, is the way I usually have Tube Chic set up, is the latest post is the landing/homepage.

For the next week or two, the landing page of Tube Chic, instead of   being the latest post is, and will be,  a page.   And, the reason I am “posting” about the page is, for those of you who subscribe to email notifications  for when I publish a new post, you will not/did not receive notification of the latest published page (that is serving as a post).

I created  latest entry as a page instead of a post, because it is intended to be part of the permanent menu, and for technical reasons it was easier for me to just start it that way, rather than convert it to a page later on down the line.

Now that I’ve probably completely confused you, this is all to say, there’s something new written on Tube Chic, and its about adapting clothing 🙂  That’s it


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