I got my new non-balloon button!

It has been a long week, and I’m not up to writing an in depth description/review of the AMT MiniONE® Capsule Non-Balloon Button at this very moment, however, I did get it placed yesterday, and wanted to make a quick post about it.

FYI, reading the two posts previous to this one will give you the back story on what has ensued before the tube change.

The short version of why I was switching to a non-balloon button, is, I am one of those who experience the button turning, and pulling down, popping back up  all of its own accord when my stomach is empty.  All of my buttons have done this, regardless of what brand they were, but they all had one thing in common.  They all had a balloon for the internal bolster.

When I searched online, others who have the same issues have found that switching to a non balloon g-tube was the answer.

My doctor had never heard or seen this happen, and he’s put in a whole bunch of tubes over the years, so this likely may not have happened to many who read this here.  Either way, you may be interested in what a non-balloon button is like.

A more thorough review with photos will happen soon.

The button uses the same feeding sets as the better known balloon version of the AMT Mini One.   It looks the same, just slightly lower profile on the side that doesn’t have a balloon port.

Here is a link to their website which has a couple of little videos showing how its inserted:


As an aside, it turns out I can’t tolerate zinc oxide adhesive tape (such as Hy tape) for extended periods of use, either.  I’ve raved about how great this kind of tape is, and said repeatedly on this blog that I get no reaction from it.  Well, that apparently was because I never had to keep my skin taped 24/7.  Here  is how my abdomen looked by this past Wednesday…

By Thursday it was even worse, and I had some blisters forming.  I kept having to explain to people at the hospital that it was the tape!  (its not like they didn’t have my paperwork saying I have an adhesive allergy)  But, I can understand the concerned look on their faces, because I had a pad under the button, so it wasn’t readily apparent that the redness did not radiate outward from my stoma.

I’m amending my opinion of HY tape (and other brands that use a zinc oxide adhesive) I now know that it takes longer for my skin to react with constant contact than it does to other types of tape, but eventually this type of adhesive is a problem for me too.

By 9 o’clock yesterday morning, I was the proud owner of a non-balloon button, and its all good now.  No more tape is needed, my skin is healing.  I’ve still got a little bleeding from the stoma from the granulation tissue that had formed due to the rubbing of the broken peg tube, but the granulation tissue is already diminishing quite a bit.

I’ve used no tape since yesterday morning, and by this evening the redness has faded to just some mottled pink.

My new snazzy non balloon button is everything I’d hoped it would be.  AND no pulling, popping and turning of the button when my stomach is empty.

It is so nice and lightweight!

Here it is in profile (the end facing down would be the end that has the port for filling a balloon for the regular Mini One.  Instead of a port, I just have a flat silicone tab.

I was a little concerned that it is not manufactured in the same length as I’ve always worn.  We went with the closest size that was a bit longer, and it doesn’t seem to be a problem.  There is no stomach acid leakage at all.


That’s it for now.   Have a great weekend!


[Adding another photo]

Here’s a photo showing an old, previously used Mic-Key held below the new button. The Mic-Key is heavier, and bulkier, and not as flexible to clean under. 



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  1. AnneCira

    May 6, 2018 at 10:32 am

    Congrats! Glad you were able to get what you wanted! (I tried to get a non-balloon dangler a while ago, couldn’t find anyone willing to do it!) Somewhat off-topic question – I’ve read that you gravity feed “fairly thick blends”…how? Diluted? I recently trialed Real Food Blends (all 5 varieties), and could only gravity feed two of them (chicken and salmon)- and that was with a LOT of water (8 ounces); the others, even after adding 8 ounces or more of water still wouldn’t flow, I had to syringe them (and I hate syringing). (I have an Endovive short dangler, 22 Fr.)

    Enjoy your garden – love the rose trellis!

    • Diane


      May 9, 2018 at 6:55 pm

      Anne, my blends are about same consistency as Enu shakes. But, I use the fifo bottles to gravity feed, and don’t really keep an eye on the blend while it’s going in. If I notice the level in the bottle is not moving down, I roll the tubing between my fingers and pinch the tubing a couple of times, which usually gets it flowing again.

      I think your issue may be due to having a short dangler, and you therefore can’t get enough elevation for gravity to do its part.

      Ron Coppinger should be able to advise you as to what you can do to extend tube length (via connections) I remember he offered to help someone else with this issue.

      I agree about the Real Food Blends. The best luck is with chicken and salmon meals.

      If you give me your address via email (or contact form) I can send you a fifo bottle with the vented cap and other end, so you can see if you have more luck than with a syringe (if you want). But,I think your main problem is lack of elevation due to the length of your tube. I use the 24″ extensions with my button.

  2. Diane


    February 26, 2017 at 2:44 pm

    I just remembered (speaking of the diameter inside of extension sets) that the Nutriport Kangaroo low profile button supposedly has larger diameter feeding set tubes. I have not seen the extensions myself, but I have read that this is a benefit to this manufacturer’s button (I think Covidien makes them) . Whether or not the inside diameter of the button itself, that the food passes through is any larger than the other buttons, I do not know.

    This button also has little feet, not four petals like the Corflo cuBBy, but two feet that help keep it stable, and allow air to get under the button. That is also a good feature,This is not a well known button, and like I said, I have no personal experience with it. But, it is out there 🙂

  3. Chris Fletcher

    February 25, 2017 at 11:11 pm

    Hi Diane, Your new non balloon PEG looks amazing, I do have a question on the food you are using, is it the prepackaged processed medical grade food or can you blend your own real foods and how is that working out? Lastly what size is it?? i.e. 20Fr and depth 2.5cm??

    I still have the Kimberly Clarke low profile, now upgraded to an 18Fr and next would be the 20Fr but I am now torn between your new one and a Corflo-Cubby as I have terrible trouble with Hyper Granulation and even with taping it down and using a ‘cotton pad’ to stop any rubbing it keeps growing and needing treatment by silver nitrate every month. Chris.

    • Diane


      February 25, 2017 at 11:29 pm

      Chris, mine is a 20 fr. I both blend with a Blendtec blender, and also use pre-packaged blended meals by Real Food Blends (not sure about how easily they can be obtained in Australia) The 20 fr is fine for even thick blends, but I don’t use plunger, I gravity feed.

      I think that all buttons have about the same size inside diameter, regardless of the French size of the stoma. I’m not 100% certain of this, but I believe this is correct.

      The Mic-Key is heavier than the Mini-One (both the non balloon and regular mini one) It does not stay as stable, so you would do better with either of your other choices you listed. I had the Corflo cuBBy, and I liked it. It does a great job of supporting the weight of the extension sets, and the little petal shaped feet make it the most stable button I had. Its the one I finally was able to get rid of the granulation tissue with. There were a couple of drawbacks with it, 1# the extension sets used for it are not compatible with the Mic-Key and Mini ONE buttons, and the feet, which are on one hand the best part about it, also make it a little difficult to clean under. The Mini-One is very light weight, and it would be my first choice (either version) followed up by the Corflo. I have an old Mic-Key laying around the house, I’ll hold it up to my new Button and take a photo of it for comparison. There are already photos comparing the balloon AMT Mini-ONE with the MIC-KEY up under the “Reviews” tab.

      I believe the Bard button is equally as light weight, and the feeding sets just “plug” in, they don’t have to lock into place. I know they are available in Australia (or recently were). It comes in a great choice of size combinations.

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re still battling the granulation, but a button change to either of the buttons you mentioned will make a big difference for you.

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