How to Use this Site

The permanent articles, and the contact form, are displayed by title, and shown at the top of any landing page of this website.  Hover your mouse over each selection in this area, and any additional pages on this subject will appear in a second or so.  Click on the topic title in this drop down menu option to access them.

Posts are archived after a few weeks, but can be found by searching either by month, or by using the search bar and entering your search words there.

In most cases, the home page of Tube Chic has the most recent post, and a list of other recent posts is on the right side of the page.

You can subscribe to have email notifications sent to you when there is a new post (enter your information in the field found on the lower right side of the page.  However, any new information that is added to an article (top menu) is not a “post” does not trigger a notification email.

If you wish to contact me, you can use the contact form found at the top menu.