Helpful Resources, Products, & Methods

An active  feeding tube support group for adults with feeding tubes can be found here:

You can watch an interview of Ron, its founder here:

If you have a feeding tube : due to cancer, or cancer treatment, you can find support here

The Oley Foundation, is a foundation  “Striving to enrich the lives of those living with home intravenous nutrition and tube feeding through education, advocacy, and networking.”

The link to the Oley Foundation is here: They have a support forum within the Inspire conglomeration of  health and wellness support groups.   The link to this group is here:

If you have a tube due to motor neuron disease, the ALS Forums will be a wonderful resource for you.

This is a link to a YouTube video showing some time saving methods for preparing dry ingredients ahead of time, and streamlining for travel.



The book “Complete Tubefeeding: Everything you need to know about tubefeeding, tube nutrition, and blended diets” by Eric Aadhaar O’Gorman (available on Amazon)

A newly published book which I have not read yet, is “Nutritional Food Blends Healthy, Easy Recipes For Tubies” written by Penny Werner

Penny will consult with you about your nutritional goals.  The link to her website is here:

The link to purchase her book on Amazon is here:




Be aware that Functional Formularies, who make Liquid hope and Nourish does not sell their products on Amazon.  If you see it on Amazon, it is not through an authorized reseller, and you will have no guarantee of how fresh it is.  It will also most likely cost more than it should if sold there.

The consistency is described as that of honey.  I have not used, as I have issues with histamine, and a main ingredient is chickpeas.

I have a standing delivery from Real Food Blends each month.  Understand  that the blends are very thick, and are suitable for pushed (plunged) bolus feeding. It can, of course be diluted for gravity feeding. I frequently gravity feed Real Food Blends, ratio is 1 cup very warm water to one meal pouch.  Combine in a container with lid that fits nice and tight,  Cap up, shake vigorously, and that’s it.

Both of these companies participate with medical insurance.



You can even fill out an online form, and they will send you free samples.  I have purchased directly from them, and from Amazon.  If purchasing from Amazon, pay attention to the vendor supplying it.  I have had no problem with  Diabetes Health Supplies.  Even though they are not “Prime” eligible, orders from them always arrive very quickly, (as fast as Prime orders) and have always been genuine and undamaged.  I have had problems with another Amazon vendor, but do not wish to list the name here, as they very well may not have known the tape was defective, and there was no problem returning for a refund.