Happy ALL the Holidays!

I’m breaking my “Don’t post family photos rule” because I think this photo does such a good job of explaining why I’m behind on TubeChic posts! (Picking out a tree, flanked by my youngest and eldest kids.)


Time has gotten away from me, and I apologize that I’ve not followed through with some planned reviews and “how to” project posts.  As John Lennon famously said.: “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans”.

Life has been happening around here, and that’s a good thing, right?

Feast your eyes on a “keto” quiche I made a couple of days ago… it has an almond flour crust instead of the traditional flour based crust, and it blended up into a tube meal absolutely fabulously!  My one son is not doing carbs currently, so this was a creative way for us all to enjoy a meal together.

Yumzo! Don’t the grape tomatoes look festive!


If you haven’t tried blending for your tube meals. seriously just try it!  It is so easy, and it makes such a difference.


Blendtec offers a medical necessity discount.  (Vitamix used to, but I don’t think they have continued with the program).

(This ‘tube chick’ will return after the holidays have passed, with new posts.)


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