Gravity Feed Bottle (take 2)

These directions are for modifying the same bottle as the one used in ‘Gravity Feed Bottle (original version)”.  This page is a continuation of directions found there.

I figured out how to make the gravity feed bottle fit an extension set and/or into the funnel end of a long dangler tube.

You will not need silicone tubing to make this, but you will need to remove the center part of the bottle cap (parts A and C)

To create this version, use a  cover cap that comes with an oral syringe, such as the Medline one shown below.


Drill out the end of the cap, and insert through the hole in cap.

Push grey rubber (B) down into the hole


Push the modified syringe cap up into place

This is how it looks from the other side:

The bottle cap will now fit the end of an extension set, or a dangler tube for meals.

The funny thing is, I am the “queen of throwing things out”. The list of things in my lifetime that I’ve tossed, only to later regret it, is long (very very long).  You would think I would learn, but clearly not. I had amassed so many of these syringe caps, but when I switched to the Miracle Syringes, (and eventually the large 140 ml syringes)  I looked in the drawer where my tube stuff is stashed, and said to myself, I’ll never use these, they’re taking up good space. And tossed them out…. never say never.  After searching high and low, I found exactly two.  One hanging out at the bottom of the drawer it should be in, and one in the kitchen “miscellaneous” aka junk drawer.

However, I did get lucky when I discovered that the lopez valve which was stored in my tube drawer has a cap which just happens to fit the end of the new dispenser cap. It doesn’t click into place or anything, but is a good enough fit to prevent accidental spills.  It could be dislodged easily enough to where I would not trust it to be leakproof if the bottle was turned upside down while being carried in my bag.


A leak proof solution seems to be to clamp off an old extension set.  Cut it off just past the clamp, and use that for travel protection.


I’ve been using all three versions of the bottle, and I’d have to say that even though it seems less cumbersome without  tubing being part of the bottle cap, I like how secure it is.  You know how it is when a syringe accidentally comes out of an extension set, mid meal! Having the cap as shown in the original gravity feed bottle does away with using an extension set, and takes that possibility out of the picture.  However, this option is not going to work for those who have a long tube style.