Containers that don’t leak


LEAKPROOF  containers  are one of the Tubie’s best friends.  Containers that don’t leak, and last a long time are even better.

When I first started blending, I purchased a couple of smoothie shaker bottles  off of Amazon, after reading a recommendation for them on a blog for tube feeding (this blog is no longer in existence).

The containers leaked, the markings on the outside showing volume increments wore off.  I started exploring other options.

To be clear, there are loads of suitable containers out there.  This list is by no means exhaustive, I’m only sharing what I’ve found to work well.



I  have purchased these in both the 40 ml and 60 ml Qosina containers from Amazon, and think they are a real find!  They are useful for dissolved meds, supplements and the like.  (also for organizing household items, buttons, snaps, beads, screws…)

I recently got the 20 ml size, and do not really like this size.  Although the caps do not leak, they are sort of fiddly to get them to screw on correctly, and I don’t recommend them.  But, the larger 40 and 60 ml are just wonderful.  No leaks, easy to screw on and off caps.


Qosina polypropylene 40 ml containers

Qosina polypropylene 40 ml containers


SMALL CONTAINERS:  Approximately 8 – 16  ounces:

Evenflo, Nuby, and other baby bottles (glass or plastic) work very well for smaller portion size meals.  Pair them with Dr Brown travel caps.  These caps don’t leak for anything.  They just don’t.  They hold up without cracking.  I’ve had mine for over three years, and not a single one has failed to withstand the test of time.

Dr Brown's travel caps

Dr Brown’s travel caps

Nalgene wide mouth HDPE round containers:

These come in various size options.  On Amazon some have been available as “add on” special pricing which made them very affordable.  The 8 ounce, are milky white, no incremental markings.


Photo below shows 8 ounce size:

Frozen tube food in preparation for a road trip

This is photo from couple of years ago. It is of frozen tube food stashed in the freezer drawer in preparation for an upcoming road trip. I used them in place of ice in the beverage cooler.


Here is a link on Amazon:

When I first started making blended meals, I was intent on being able to create a blended meal with close to the same amount of calories per ounce as formula has.  And, because of this goal, I was storing my blends in 8 ounce size containers, just like individually packaged formula.

That went by the wayside within the first few months.   I discovered  that even if my meal really was only about eight ounces, I still wanted more room in a container, in order to shake and stir when necessary.

So, I moved on to sixteen ounce containers.

The 8 oz Nalgene shown  in  photo above,  comes in a sixteen ounce too.  The 16 ounce size, also milky white, has volume fill  measurements on outside of bottle.  Or, it did  when I purchased a couple of years ago.  None of the markings have ever worn off on mine.  However, the container itself  will discolor from food stored in them over time.  I am not sure if the containers now available still have volume markings or not.

The 16 ounce containers by Nalgene that I like  better than the milky white, are the clear  bottles.  They stay perfectly clear after many uses, do not cloud or stain.  No annoying stick on label to peel off on this container,  or any Nalgene that I’ve purchased to date.



Sometimes 16 ounces just isn’t enough–like for my breakfast each morning.  Breakfast, for me, consists of 30g grassfed whey protein powder, mixed with 8 ounces of whole milk. Sometimes about 4 ounces of pureed fruit or berries is added too.  Each night before I go to bed, I mix all these (just measure and shake, no actual blending or stirring)  up in  a bottle that holds about 24 ounces.  In the morning, I pour around 12-14 ounces of piping hot freshly brewed coffee into that same container.  I like the  Nalgene N-Gen water bottles for this. Their cap has a loop built into the top of the cap, which makes for easy transport.  These caps also fit the 16 ounce clear Nalgene that I supplied the link to above. I have not tested to see if  these caps for the 24 oz  bottle will leak when on the 16 oz, if the bottle  stayed upended or on its side for an extended period of time, but for use in the house, it makes it so easy to carry a bottle of water and a bottle of blend, with two fingers.  The photograph at the top of the page shows several of the N-Gen bottles lined up on a shelf in my kitchen, and the link to them on Amazon is below. ↓



N-Gen Nalgene 24 oz, Nalgene 16 oz clear with a N-Gen cap, Qosina 40ml


nalgene n-gen bottle

Nalgene N-Gen


The photos below are of some  bottles made by Rubbermaid.  I saw them on the shelf at my local grocery store.  I like the fact that the smaller cap part screws on, as well as the actual cap. The photo I snapped does not really show how it screws on, but it does, and it does without having to detach from where it hinges when in the open position.  Although I did not buy,  I think they would be great for pouring into a syringe.  They hold 20oz, and have a mixer ball.  They are more slender than the Nalgene N-Gen, which would make it easier to grasp for anyone who has hand strength issues. Here is the link to Amazon:

(photos taken by me at the grocer’s below)v












Another Rubbermaid  bottle, also 20 oz, that looks promising, is the Hydration bottle.  I have one saved in my Amazon shopping cart, but have not actually purchased. (Photos below)


Rubbermaid 20 oz hydration bottle

The Nalgene “On the Fly” bottle has a pour spout when opened, but I lacked the finger strength to open and close the wire hasp, and was unable to use them. It looks  like they may have redesigned this hasp feature, though.

Camelbak makes a “Chute’ bottle, that I like the looks of, and like the spout, (it looks similar to the “on the fly” bottle) but have not purchased’



For small portions, such as fruit  puree, or other “side dishes” four ounce containers are a good size for use in the freezer.  I have the OXO Tot  Baby Blocks, and have had no issues with cracked lids (they are two piece) or any other problems.  They have held up well.



I had bad luck with Ball brand plastic freezer jars.  I purchased  the 16 ounce size, and in no time flat, every lid developed a crack.  I do not recommend them. (These were the ones with the green lids)

The Zyliss Shake N’ Go  shaker/blender bottle had problems with the cap leaking almost immediately.  I would not repurchase.  The two I had were thrown out within weeks of purchase.