ENU nutrition shakes, a coupon, and their upcoming formula debut

Some of you may already be familiar with ENŪ nutrition shakes.

When comparing  ENŪ with other shakes,  the biggest difference  is ENŪ only has 11% of the total calories coming from a sugar source.  It is 100% GMO free, as well.

Unlike many other nutrition shakes on the market, ENŪ does not contain any carrageenan.  Carrageenans  are a family of linear sulfated polysaccharides that are extracted from red edible seaweeds. They are widely used in the food industry for their gelling, thickening, and stabilizing properties.    Carrageenan is a controversial ingredient, and is banned in the EU from infant formulas.

The profile that sets  ENŪ apart is:

  • 450 Calories per 11 oz serving
  • Advanced ENŪ Protein Blend, with 23g of protein for muscle health
  • Complex carbohydrates and a healthy fat blend for sustained energy
  • Up to 67% less sugar per calorie than regular nutritional shakes
  • High quality, non-GMO ingredients for excellent taste and smooth texture

These shakes are a thicker consistency than other ready to serve ‘meal in a bottle’ products I’ve used in the past.   I like this characteristic, as a slower gravity feed flow is more satisfying to me.

There is a CMS / Medicare reimbursement code for ENŪ Shakes.   They can be billed to B4150.  Patients should ask their RD or their DME company to carry ENŪ and it will be made available.

I purchased mine via Amazon, and if you live in the US, they are available for a discount with the Amazon subscribe and save program.


The following link is a pdf file that has more information on this product. as well as a coupon for 20$ off  first orders of $100 or more.

ENU Comparison and Nutrition Facts


As you most likely know, I am a strong advocate of using  blenderized real food, rather than formula, for tube feeding.  This is not difficult to learn how to do, and, in my opinion there is just no substitute  as good as food itself—not only for the nutritional aspect, but for the emotional support of using familiar foods the tube fed person enjoyed when able to eat orally.

But, as much as I wish every single person was able and willing to blend for the tube, I recognize that some tube feeders, due to physical limitations,  cannot.  Others  are not that interested, and find benefit in the convenience of  formula.

Trovita Health Science, who is the maker of ENŪ Shakes,  received an FDA clearance last year for a new tube feeding device called SAFE-T FEED, which is a pouch feeding system that comes pre-filled with a very high-quality formula line called Ultrient.  Ultrient is of the same quality as  ENŪ with ingredients from real food. It was also developed with dietitians from top medical centers, and is GMO free.

The new line is intended for home tube feeding to make bolus or gravity feedings easier. They performed flow rate testing of the SAFE-T Feed system with blended formulas for the FDA, and it performed very well.  Patient acceptance to the feeding system has been very strong.

Here is a short YouTube video of their CEO demonstrating the new device and describing the rationale:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eM7EY_hH6qI

The new device and formula combination also has reimbursement codes already approved, and they will be launching multiple formulas inside the pouch.  They hope to launch this by April of 2018.

Here is more information:


*As always, unless  clearly noted otherwise, all products I review are purchased by me, with no arrangement for compensation by the manufacturer.  

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  1. Diane


    February 16, 2018 at 6:47 pm

    Hv Anne,
    Here is Kate Farms comparison chart (comparing their own products)

    Kate Farms products are all vegan. Enu uses dairy whey, so that is one difference. Because the rice protein in the KF can sometimes settle together (in the peptide version in particular) I would say that Enu has an edge there, just because it stays emulsified and smooth. Some Kate Farms I’ve used have required a lot of shaking prior to use.

    Comparing calories, Kate Farms (peptide plus version) has 500 kcals compared to 450 for the enu. Kate Farms has one less gram of protein, and has 34% carbohydrates. They do not show how much of that is sugar… Enu is 18% carbohydrates,of this, 11% is sugar.

    If you can tolerate dairy protein, I’d definitely give the new enu a try if your goal is low sugar. I really really like the consistency of the enu, it is very smooth, and just thick enough.

    • AnneCira

      February 18, 2018 at 12:30 pm

      Hi Diane – thanks for the reply – knowing that you liked Kate Farms (I tried it based partly on your recommendation), I wondered how you would compare it with the ENU from a user standpoint. Sounds like it might be worth a try for me.

      • Diane


        February 18, 2018 at 12:50 pm

        Anne, I like them a lot. For me they have an edge over Kate Farms, the main reason being how smooth they are. They have a great consistency.

        Another consideration is Kate Farms uses minimal amounts of carrageenan, (less than 1/3 of a gram in a 325 mL container) although carrageenan is not an issue for me personally, it has been linked to digestive problems for some people. If the goal is vegan, however, Kate Farms is vegan, and ENU is not. (I have a son who is vegan, so I understand it is important to some folks).

  2. AnneCira

    February 16, 2018 at 5:09 pm

    I used the old version of ENU a few years ago as a supplement when I needed to add calories to gain weight – I liked it! Currently using Kate Farms Core Essentials, which has an almost ideal nutrition distribution for my needs…but having some digestive issues that may or may not be related…was looking for a LOW SUGAR alternative (Real Food Blends and Liquid Hope are a little higher in carbs than I’d like)…how do you think this new version of ENU compares with the Kate Farms? (Blending full-time is just not an option for me right now.) Thanks!

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