“Cooking for Tubies” a new recipe book

If you are new to the tube, or new to blending for the tube, you most likely want all of the support, ideas, and answers you can get on the subject of how to convert table food into tube food.

In the  main menu found at the top of any page on Tube Chic, there is a section titled: How to Make Blended Meals.  Under this tab, there are several links to sites that will help you with this.  I don’t go that much into the “how to’s”  because, like I wrote in the intro to this section, I’ve not reinventing the wheel, nor am I a pioneer in this field.  What I can share from personal experience  is already out there on the internet. I learned from others, and you can too.

Recently, a couple of new books have come onto the market that have recipes for blended tube meals.  One of them is Cooking for Tubies, written by  Courtney Stinson, who is a registered dietitian and nutritionist, and Sophia Holsten, a Registered Nurse, and holds a Bachelors of Science in Nursing.

This book includes more than just recipes, it also gives good information as to what is important to successfully create blended meals.

As with any other book on this subject (that I’m aware of) it is geared toward making tube food for  children, but it most certainly would be of interest to anyone who needs  a good reference source in order to make tube food for an adult.

Although I frequently find myself preparing meals using my tablet or iPhone as the source of reading a recipe, I still prefer to have a physical copy of a recipe/cookbook, and this one is only available in the Kindle edition.  But, fear not, you don’t have to have a Kindle device to read it, there is a free Kindle app for PCs and tablets that use a windows platform, as well as a Kindle app for iPhones, iPads, and  android devices.  If you have a computer, and can connect to the internet to download an app, you can access this book.

Cooking for Tubies is a new offering, it was released just days ago, and I think there may be a glitch in that the Table of Contents page is not clickable from the main menu, it is grayed out.  But, I was able to find it by searching for “table of contents”  and once on that page, all of the contents listed were clickable.

I enjoy reading recipes in general, and subscribe to several sites such as Pioneer Woman Cooks, All Recipes, The Smitten Kitchen, Once Upon a Chef, etc etc.  So, any book that focuses on blending for the tube grabs my attention right away.

What I feel are great  aspects of this book, is that it goes over some of the basics as to how to convert table food so it can be used for tube meals, and  touches on safety in food preparation.

Cooking for Tubies gives some good recipes that are suitable for the entire family to enjoy.  As someone who is tube fed, I can attest to how important it is to know that what I’m having tastes good (even if it bypasses my mouth).

A few recipes that don’t require a blender  are included too, which is nice.

Unless you (or the one you are caregiver for) have a feeding tube due to not being able digest food,  I cannot urge you strongly enough to consider using real food for your meals.  There is no comparison not only for its nutritional superiority, but for the emotional connection that blenderized food absolutely provides.

(As with anything I review or make mention of on Tube Chic, I have not received any sort of compensation in return.)

Here’s the link to the Cooking for Tubies site: http://www.cookingfortubies.com/



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