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This post will be of interest to you especially if you bolus gravity feed your meals, and you use extension sets to hook up to your button.  If you have a dangler, or use a pump for continuous feeds, my latest discovery is not necessarily going to make you jump for joy, but this is still really cool, and you may find a use for one.

I spend a lot of time at the keyboard, not just for Tube Chic, although it does get a good chunk of some of my days; but, I also write, and am trying very hard to finish up the sequel to a kids “chapter book” that was published a few years back.

How this relates to tube feeding, is, I like to write and research while I have my meals, instead of having to put everything aside, and possibly lose my mojo.   I use a tablet, so I’m not at a desk.

I  prefer thicker, gravity fed blends, which don’t move very fast, and like to have the blend go in without  actively thinking about it the whole time.  So, because of these reasons, I find holder type stands very helpful.

If you read Tube Chic with any regularity, you already know this,  AND, you will know all about the love affair I have with the FIFO condiment bottle, that works so amazingly well as a tube  meal  bottle.

If you didn’t catch my post about the FIFO bottle, you can find it here:

And… if you’ve been reading Tube Chic, you are also aware that I have really enjoyed using the Jofas clamp to hold my meals for me (in order to not have to do the “Statue of Liberty thing”).

Here is some information on the Jofas clamp (and others).

Jofas even offers a larger diameter clip, for those who use containers bigger around  than the 60 and  140 mL syringes.  I posted about it here:

But… even though this larger diameter clamp works with both the Clean Bottle, that I show how to modify for gravity fed meals  as well as the Playtex Ventaire bottle using the feeding tube adapter tip, it doesn’t work very well for the FIFO bottle.

I got to looking for another option.  I first considered a spiral wire cup holder that has a hole at bottom the tube could hang through.  This holder is sold to hang onto microphone stands, but, but some reviews said it tended to shimmy down the pole sometimes, and I sure didn’t want my meal shimmying anywhere, especially when it was attached to my peg tube!

And then…. (((( AND THEN!!!!))))  I found the ROBOCUP .  I clipped it onto a floor lamp that sits next to my chair.   Well, actually someone else in the household had to clip it onto the pole for me, the jaws of the clamp are very strong, and I’m not.   That baby is not going to shimmy down the pole even if we have an earthquake!

It comes in a bunch of colors.  I went with hot pink, because I like hot pink, so why not?  And when I tire of it standing out like a decorative accent piece (aka sore thumb) in my living room, I’ll spray paint it a nice dark oiled bronze to match the lamp its attached to.  Krylon makes a fusion paint that is great for plastic.

The ROBOCUP holds both the 16 and 20 ounce FIFO bottles easily, and it also will hold the modified Clean Bottle, but I had to  shove the bottle down into it a bit.

Don’t you love how there is a notch cut out for the reel on a rod! (or mug handle) very clever.

I use the second cup holder for a bottle of water to flush with after I’m done with my meal. (the only option is to have the two cup holders, there is not a single cup holder style.)

Here is the link to it on Amazon:



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