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  • The Joint Commission, the nation’s foremost accreditation organization for health care programs, recently confirmed it will not endorse tubing connector technology known as ENFit.  Hailed as a victory for infant safety, the decision comes in response to a letter from the National Coalition for Infant Health  that outlined concerns about the ENFit design.  

The Joint Commission reiterated in its letter that it does not mandate the use of any technology, nor does it endorse specific manufacturers, products, or devices.  The clarification reinforces hospitals and clinicians’ ability to determine which products are best for their patients.

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  • Kate Farms has decided not to move forward the Blended Food formula at this time, and instead is focusing on a high-calorie, low-sugar oral and tube feeding formula, and two pediatric oral and tube feeding formulas. They are set to launch in March 2018,

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  • Here is the link used to vote to keep our legacy connectors for tube feeding.  This petition was a success and is no longer active.  It had a goal of 1,000 signatures, and at the time of the petition’s closing, it had garnered 1,064.

  • GEDSA’s petition to the FDA (below) appears to no longer be active.  I am not 100% sure of the total  signatures it received, but, I believe it was 399.


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