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Hi everyone, I’m recently back from an awesome road trip with my daughter.  We had a wonderful time in the Pocono mountains.  For their privacy sake, I make it a point to not post photos of my family on Tube Chic, but, I thought you’d enjoy a picture of Ernie Dog and me on the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway train.

I have several new subjects that need to be covered, but most will have to wait until future posts.  For now, I want to share some information sent to me by Ron Coppinger , who is the founder of the Adult G Tube Feeding Group on Facebook.

GEDSA (The Global Enteral Device Supplier Association) is taking the stand that most tube feeders use luer connectors.  And these luer tips  can misconnect with other IV connections.  Because there is the chance of an accidental misconnect, GEDSA wants all tube feeding supplies to be  the new ENFit design, for the stated goal of increasing the tube feeder’s safety.  GEDSA wants the FDA to mandate ENFit use in every situation without exceptions.    GEDSA wants to ensure that Medicare and Medicaid in the United States, only pay for ENFit connectors.  (Medicare does not pay for any of my supplies because I choose to use blended foods rather than formula, but that is a whole different subject that does not need to be rehashed at this time.)

The problem with this  GEDSA proposed mandate, is that  it is  inclusive of all tube feeding connections,  and if they get this accomplished, tube feeders will lose catheter tip syringes,  and catheter funnel connectors as well.   A great many of us use catheter tip supplies for bolus feeding blends. Even though catheter tips and funnels are approved and safety certified by the FDA, and the ISO standard, and are not  part of the misconnection problem, GEDSA wants them to be removed as an option.

Ron is trying to get 1,000 signatures to submit a letter to the FDA, asking that it not make ENFit mandatory, and to allow tube feeders the choice to continue using our current catheter tips and funnel shaped connectors if we desire to do so.

If you have not read or signed Ron’s petition, or GEDSA’s petition, please do so.  I feel it’s important that tube feeders have a choice. If they want to use ENFit for tube feeding, that should be an option.  But, if they chose to use catheter tip and funnel they should also be allowed to do so.  We need as many folks as possible to let the FDA know mandatory restrictions on all tube feeding connectors is not a good idea.

Here is the link to GEDSA’s petition:


Here is the link to Ron Coppinger’s petition:   


[UPDATE: Ron’s petition was a resounding success.  The petition is now closed.  You can  find out more about how many signatures it gathered on the Announcements page of TubeChic.


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