creating an opening in a rib knit turtleneck

The feel of autumn in the air these last couple of days prompted me to take out some of my  clothing that has been stored away for the summer.

The sweater below is one I altered  a couple of years ago.  It was easy to do, and easy to hide the zipper.

You may notice the collar is stitched down.  This has nothing to do with the opening for the peg tube, but rather keeping it from curling up while being worn.  Looks bad here, not noticeable on.



It would also have looked great to use a heavier sports type zipper that opens from both ends, and have that zipper run the entire length of the sweater all the way up to top of the unfolded  turtleneck While being used for meals, the upper portion of the sweater could still be zipped closed for modesty.

The “ribs” of the sweater fabric made it easy to hide this zipper, but a heavier sporty zipper which was not so hidden would have worked as well, or better. The key would be to use one that opens from top and bottom.

There are more detailed directions on how to install an invisible zipper under the tab labeled: “Altered Long Black Turtleneck.”